Wedding Registry

Welcome to our Wedding Registry, where our staff at Flamingo Wish will make sure your special day is even more perfect..

Flamingo Wish will:

  • Work with the Bride/Groom to develop their own individual wedding gift list. This list can then be made available to the wedding guests. Each gift list will be coded to ensure that only 'invited' guests can access the list.
  • Wedding guests can then access this list via our website, make a selection, contact our staff and pay for item - simple!!!!
  • All gifts will be beautifully wrapped and delivered free within 50km of the store providing the service. The Bride will also be provided with a list of the guests and their gifts.
  • Flamingo Wish will also provide a complimentary gift to the Bride and Groom

Many wedding items can also be laser engraved.

For example:

  • A wedding knife with their names and date engraved
  • Bride/Groom engraved glasses
  • Bridal party engraved glasses
  • Many Picture Frames can be engraved
  • Glassware including Glass platters

To view a Wedding Registry, please provide your supplied ID code below: